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NEWS & Information

Paramedic registration UK

For the attention of UK paramedics

Purpose of state registration

Is designed to assure patients, the public, employers and potential employers which paramedics are appropriately qualified and competent to practice. It sets a standard that is recognized throughout the UK, and recognizes Paramedics as professionals.

The title "State Registered Paramedic"

It will be illegal for someone to use the titles; state registered paramedic, registered paramedic and state paramedic unless registered with the board. Or work as a paramedic if not registered.


 You are eligible if you have obtained qualifications approved by the board.

 You hold an Ambulance Paramedic Certificate issued by IHCD (formerly NHSTA and NHSTD) following successful completion of all stages of training programme. If you hold paramedic qualification outside the UK with suitable qualifications and experience that is accepted  by the board.



Call prioritisation LAS

The LAS are using a news priority despatch system (AMPDS). Below are the definitions of the categories


RED 1 - Actual death imminent (Unconscious not breathing)
RED 2 - Possible death imminent (Unconscious/not alert but breathing, or with other signs like mechanisim of injury)
RED 3 - Risk of imminent death (breathing and conscious but at high risk)

N.B. All calls to children aged 2 and under automatically get a "RED 3" regardless of diagnosis.


AMBER 1 - Definitely serious (not immediately life threatening ,but requires urgent on scene assessment ,treatment and conveyance)
AMBER 2 - Possibly serious (not immediately life threatening and on specific gain from immediate treatment on scene or in an A&E)


GREEN 1 - Requiring assessment and or transport (not life threatening or serious, but needs assistance)

GREEN 2 - Suitable for telephone triage and or advice (probably no need for transport telephone consultation can be used to determine the health care needed)



999 Timewasters

BBC News report on the increase of timewasters calling the LAS.


BBC.  Ambulance News 999

BBC News report. You will need real player installed Genuine 999 timewasters as voiced by the today team

  Karen Allen spend a night with LAS CrewClick on links above.



 Update on Major Incident Management - Information for all staff


LAS Staff survey 2001

 Response to the 2001 staff survey was very positive, with 43%  (more than 1,400) of LAS staff from all parts of the organisation completing and returning the questionnaire. 


Crew safety update April 2001

Following the launch of our "No Excuse" crew safety campaign in December 2000 as part of the LAS Improvement Programme. This is an update on progress so far.


Paddington rail crash

 London Ambulance Service Honoured 6.7.01

ONE of the passengers most seriously injured in the Paddington rail crash will tonight present London Ambulance Service staff with an award in recognition of the Service's response to the incident.


Pam Warren will be presenting the Ambulance Service Institute special incident award in a ceremony in Harrogate.


Among the five members of staff who will be there to receive the honour will be the first crew to arrive at the scene of the accident on 5 October 1999.


A total of more than 200 ambulance staff were involved in the massive rescue effort which saw all patients - some of whom were trapped in the wreckage and had to be treated while they were being cut free - conveyed to hospital within five hours of the crash.


LAS chief executive Peter Bradley says that the award reflects very positively on the way in which the Service handled the situation.


"The response to such a terrible incident was magnificent and shows that the people of London can have every confidence in their ambulance service.


"The five people collecting the award will be doing so on behalf of everyone who was involved on the day, from the staff working in the control room to those crew members who stayed with their patients in the wreckage."






 Day in the life of an LAS crew.

Special news report